Month: December 2015

Embedr Example and Link

EMBEDR   – A source for reusable images.  Images seem to be European museum objects.  More exploration needed.





Detail of ‘Kinderen spelen in een klaslokaal van de Wilhelminaschool. Meisje achter de tafel is Greet Vos, achter het fornuis staat zusje Carola Vos, de jongens zijn haar broers Peter en Gert Vos’ | creator unknown | Gooi en Vecht Historisch | Some rights reserved.Some rights reserved.

Detail of ‘Calceolaria from “Flowers, Earth’s silent voices. Sketched and painted by S. G. [and accompanied with select verses]”‘ | creator unknown | The British Library | No rights reserved.No rights reserved.


Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler, a virtual fountain of wonderful for the passionate tech oriented teacher, recently shared a google forms how to guide.  It is sort of a one pager that can be used to guide individuals, or in teacher training.

Here’s the link to Alice’s blog where the form can be seen and downloaded for use.